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About AFT

Advanced Fabrication Technology offers a full array of expertise from experienced advice and technical execution in CAD/CAM designing, CNC punching, forming, and assembly to the artistry of finishing and screening:

The AFT difference We Add Value

We take a problem solving approach to working with you. Often our greatest added value is our advice, based on our in-depth problem-solving experience, even before the job begins.

Improving Design for Manufacturing

By working closely with you, we can provide ideas that improve the manufacturing process or finished product. Our experience enables us to understand and anticipate your product needs. For example, by being involved early on, we can often make design improvements which will better the manufacturing process and satisfy all parameters of fit, form and function. We can also pre-package the required parts for final assembly. We're often able to reduce costs by fabricating designs in new and innovative ways.

Responsive Performance

What all our people share in common, whether you meet them in the front office or in back working in manufacturing, is an enthusiasm for getting your job done right and on-time. Our "CAN DO" attitude generates an involvement that gives AFT its reputation for quality.

We Go Beyond What's Expected

"Done right and on-time" is a basic expectation. Providing real quality means exceeding your manufacturing expectations. On a recent job our customer specified 5% pointing accuracy on a 30 foot mast and we provided accuracy within less than 2.5%. Another customer required a prototype assembled from 15 individual parts in 3 weeks. They expected a rough approximation of their design, but were surprised and delighted when we delivered a final show piece.

We Come Through in a Pinch

"Coming through in a pinch" means getting our customer's design at 2:00 PM one afternoon and having 100 pieces ready for them by 9:00 AM the next day. Or a too-tight-for-time job where we absolutely, positively had to make a next day international shipment. The parts needing modification arrived at 5:00 PM and we shipped the product on-time at 2:00 PM the following day.

What our Customers Say

  • "They take a genuine interest in my product."
  • "AFT is flexible. They accommodate my schedule and delivery needs, even rushes."
  • "AFT adds value to our product design by improving its design for manufacturing."

We Relish the Challenge

We help solve your problems by delivering "Quality-Fast." When you've got a new design problem that seems to tough or a deadline that's way too tight, bring it to us for consultation and expert execution. You can count on our experience and ingenuity to eliminate any difficult problems and improve design for repetitive manufacturing.

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